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* Players may have only one character per house, which means that at least three more characters must be accepted to the game before they can app another character.
* Characters who have been booted from the game due to inactivity may be re-applied one month after their force-drop.
* Players who have been expelled from the game due violation of the rules may not re-apply. Your application will be deleted.
* Players who are applying for a previously dropped character may choose:
-- To read through their previous CR and pick them up from the point they were dropped.
-- To decide that, for whatever reason, the character's memory was wiped and they have been resident on Lufthild in the interim.
In either case, please contact the mods and you will receive alternate prompts for your application.
* Please use proper grammar and spelling where appropriate. Writing style will be taken into account when considering grammar.
* Post your application all at once, not in bits over time. If your application does not fit into one comment, please put the second part in a reply to your first comment, not in a new top-level comment.
* Do not delete your application. Applications are kept on file for reference purposes.
* Since there has been a question raised - the introspective prompt given on the application is mandatory, as this is the way we make sure you thoroughly read the premise and have thought about how your character would get here.

Fandom Character Application:

Original Character Application
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Original Character - Baraq (1)

[personal profile] starspiritgate 2010-03-21 06:39 am (UTC)(link)


Name Yubi Shines
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] starspiritgate
AIM: starspiritgate


Name: Baraq; goes by the human name Barnaby Keele
Username: [personal profile] misterbkeele
Gender: Male
Age: Apparent age: Late twenties, early thirties.
Actual age: Either older than time or two to three millennium. This is elaborated in the history.

Physical Appearance:
Barnaby appears as a tall (6'2") angular man of about thirty, with a pasty complexion and mousy brown hair. He has a narrow face with a pointed chin and straight nose, with deep lines under dark blue eyes. At the moment, he dresses smart-casual (think blazers, sweaters, wool coats) with a preference for dusty colours, has a fondness for long scarves, and almost always wears gloves. In all honesty, he can have any appearance at all, but he's stuck with this one for most of his life if only because he's not very imaginative.

If he reverted to his true form, his features would still be humanoid, except ill-defined and hazy, asexual, and set in subtly alien lines. The balance and muscular structure of his body is adapted for a winged creature, as on his back are a pair of massive slate-grey wings banded in black. The wings are short and broad, adapted for long-distance gliding rather than maneuverability or speed.

In a sentence: Baraq is a demon masquerading as a human. He goes by different names, depending on where he's living and what the current time period allows for; in the present day his preferred name is Barnaby Keele. His duties are to cause Chaos, Wickedness, Havoc, Bedevilment, Blasphemies, &c upon humanity, and secure souls for damnation. The capital letters are very important.

The world of his origin is humanity's Earth: Big ball of iron and magma spinning around an even bigger ball of flaming gas, populated by a healthy few billion folks going about their lives as best they can. It's an interesting place, with volcanoes and islands and glaciers and squiggly things in the sea that eat the smaller squiggly things. Not a terrible place to raise your kids, if not for two points of contention.

Firstly, it is scheduled to end. Well and good, most things have to come to a close eventually, but by all accounts this particular ending will be messy and unpleasant for all the parties involved, and will come a good deal sooner than the estimated heat death of the universe or collapse of the sun. Secondly, if a concept or creature is believed in hard enough, whether through the shared focus of several minds or through a single creative spark that's just that strong on its own, it can exist. Consider some of the things humanity has cooked up, and decide for yourself how agreeable that sounds.
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Original Character - Baraq (2)

[personal profile] starspiritgate 2010-03-21 06:39 am (UTC)(link)
In the case of Baraq, he has clear memories of being the angel Barachiel, living in a city of white marble and sweeping architecture in the smoky days before the universe was born. He was present for Lucifer's declaration of war, and was injured defending a friend from a rebel angel. He planted roses in the garden of Eden, sang in a choir in praise of the Name, and was involved in the unfortunate business of the nephilim where it all went a bit wrong for him. He is very insistent on this, not to mention the existence of Heaven, Hell, Limbo, &c.

On the other hand, Christianity is not nearly as old as the universe. Furthermore, there are other deities and spirits and critters that you could hunt up, who would also have memories of lives far older than the people who told their stories. Some of them are convinced that their own memories are the real version of the events and everyone else has it wrong. Others figure they're just figments of humanity's imagination made autonomous. Still others try not to think about it too hard, in case their heads go bloosh.

The details of this world's apocalypse are irritatingly scattershot, as each individual godling and sprite has their own story for it, from Ragnarok to alien invasions. They're all convinced that their version is the right one, too.

Either way, Barachiel lived a largely aimless life until he was chosen as one of two hundred angels to watch over the world, the passing of the seasons and the turning of the tides and all such truck. Unfortunately, as the book of Enoch bears out, many of these watchers would end up shirking their duties, teaching humans forbidden knowledge (from witchcraft to weaponsmithing to, er, jewelry-making), interfering with their progress, marrying them and raising families. Barachiel swore up and down he had no idea this was happening until "it was too late to do anything," a claim that barely saved him when the watchers were recalled and put on trial.

Though he was pardoned, he saw the watchers imprisoned underground and sentenced to be chained in darkness, until the final days when they would be locked in Hell forever. He was then informed that, to cleanse the Earth and give it a fresh start, it would be drowned in a flood. It was his violent disagreement with this, as well as his questioning of the sentencing, that lead to his own fall from grace.

Now, there is more than one way to become a demon. Most of them are the original rebel angels, or ones that fell in rarer individualized cases. A number of humans have managed it, Lilith being a famous example, and others are nightmares made flesh or immigrants from other places. With Barachiel, the moment of transition from being a disgraced seraph to something else was upon seeing the influx of drowned humans appearing in Hell; in other words, his stand against the flood made no difference. He left behind his angelic name, took up a demonic one (Baraq, "to cast forth"), and did not look back. Eventually, in recognition of his prior experience on Earth, he would become assigned as a field agent (to lead humans astray, havoc, chaos, etc etc), a position he has kept for the last two millennium and some change.

This summarizes his memories of his life before being stationed on Earth. There is, incidentally, some evidence that his version of the events could be true: for instance, if he were the product of human belief made solid, how could he be a demon when he is an archangel in the eastern orthodox church? On the other hand, there exist angels and demons that have memories of Lucifer's rebellion, the nephilim incident, and other events he lived through, but they recall details that are contradictory and conflicting.

Despite his distaste for his work, Baraq has no great qualms about doing it if it keeps him out of the claustrophobia and tedium of Hell; it helps to treat being a demon as a job description rather than a physical reality. Listing all his doings for the last two thousand years would be monotonous work; by and large, he encourages humans towards sins they were already halfway-committed to. He cultivates a front of the pleasant voice of reason, justifying morally grey acts as "okay, given the circumstances..." A slipping, sidestepping path to damnation. Any resemblance to his own fall, or allegation that he takes out his frustration at himself on humans, is nonsense. Honest.

Certain key events of his life on Earth: During the Southern Song dynasty, he aided two serpent spirits in stealing a soul out of their underworld, due to the similarity between their situation and that of the nephilim. He had a hand in propagating the Dutch tulip mania in the seventeenth century. In the tail end of the nineteenth century, he encouraged the opiates trade and thoroughly messed himself up by getting addicted; he flushed all remnants of the chemical from his body and tried to forget it ever happened. In the 1950s, he was approached by two vampires who claimed to have arrived from another world and needed help adapting to this one. He provided them with forged documents and identification papers, and counted any misdeeds they committed (by virtue of being, you know, undead life-stealing mildly-sociopathic wraiths) as his own in his yearly reports to Hell. Hey, anything to scam himself some free time.

In the early twenty-first century, he was tasked with retrieving the succubus Eisheth Zenunim out of another god's realm; at the same time, he found himself in custody of a dead boy's soul that was somehow locked onto the mortal world. The game find him after the conclusion of these events, convinced that his actions have gotten him either a mercifully quick smite from Heaven, or a lingering, lasting death from Hell.

(Nota bene: The misterbkeele I play on LJ was modified to fit into the Good Omens setting of the game. The major difference between the two versions is that in GO Judeo-Christianity is "real", whereas in here it's just as ambiguous as any other belief. Also, there was no failed armageddon in this one. Finally, one of the ideas I loved in GO and did keep for this concept was how demons are physically indistinct from angels. To me, this suggests two things: One, that demons could be less monstrous than our assumptions of them, and two, that angels are not as fluffy and friendly as we think.)
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Original Character - Baraq (3)

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If there is anything that defines how Barnaby reacts to a situation, it is conflict avoidance. He will back away and keep his head down, and generally behave as nonthreatening as he possibly can, because the last time he tried to make a stand it all went to crap. He also doesn't know how to handle strong emotions, and so stays away from situations where he might blow up and do something he might regret later. That said, he would rather eat broken glass and spit teeth rather than admit a wrong, let alone ask for forgiveness. Apologies from him tend to be of the "I'm sorry you were offended" ilk, or made out of politeness rather than real repentance. An ironic result of his approach to damning people is that he has become an excellent listener. He knows how to be soothing and deeply reasonable, and how to ferret out problems from people.

Due to his treatment of his demonic identity as a job, Baraq's behavior "off-duty" is very much different from what you'd expect for a treacherous agent of the Pit devoted to Devising Wicked Imaginations: He prefers to be called by his human name, he's courteous, he tends to gardens, and he knits. (Caring for plants and weaving being human skills that endured the test of time, they're the easiest things for an immortal fellow to pick up, with time to kill and a masquerade to keep up.) To be fair, not all of his peaceable demeanor is an act, but he does know how to use it to his advantage when he can. He's an excellent singer, but hates performing and absolutely detests being the center of attention.

Baraq's major clash with addiction was in his experimentation with opium. His stated reason for dropping it like a hot coal was the physical discomfort from the withdrawal, but it was the idea of being beholden to the drug that repulsed him. Because he resents his servitude to Hell like nobody's business, and the fact that he can't do anything about it. There's a healthy dosage of self-loathing that he doesn't indulge in, for the reason that if he starts to wallow, he thinks he'd never get out of it again.

Baraq has a dry sense of humor that veers into gallows humor, but is quite unimaginative. He absolutely cannot abide polluted air, or airplanes. Fucking airplanes. Travesty of flight, seriously, don't get him started.

Like most angels and demons, Baraq tends to see things in very black and white, all or nothing terms. Frankly, the idea that a place like Lufthild exists would blow his mind; he'll insist that he's dreaming as long as he can, just to keep his perspective of the world intact. This childish mindset goes both ways: Baraq retains the same honest delight for shiny little interesting things that a kid does, with the same impulsive "sure, why not?" of a kid. The overall effect is that of an eight year old that also happens to be ancient and brimming with impotent anger and just really screwed up.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
All of Barnaby's powers would be dampened anyway upon entry into Lufthild, since they are partly derived from amassed belief. I'm removing his ability to read and influence human minds, since that's a godmoding pit I don't want to touch. The rest of his powers are based on illusionment: Changing his appearance and becoming invisible. I'm not too sure whether he would immediately revert to his true form upon entry, and slowly reconstruct his human guise as he gets a handle on this world's magic. He can, with concentrated effort, summon unholy fire or curse objects; in Lufthild this would be demoted to a generalized pyrokinetic ability. Baraq is more or less immortal, in that dying on Earth only sends him back to Hell temporarily, but since he's cut off from that realm in this game, death would be a bit more of a problem.

That said, every supernatural ability he has is completely up for debate, I'm not married to any single one of them. The powers that work when I use this character in personal writing obviously can't be expected to work the same way in an RP.

Physical: The big one here is flight. He has to be in his true form to be able to fly; the wings are extremely strong but also very susceptible to damage, i.e. fractures. The flight is partly augmented by supernatural means, since demons are built for combat and hollow bones would kind of defeat the point. He is a good deal tougher than his appearance indicates, though in Lufthild this would be reduced to about the strength of a human soldier. Furthermore, since he relies on illusion and avoiding conflict, he's not much use in a fistfight. He was trained in combat a long time ago, but this skill has had plenty of time to decay from disuse. Finally, as a demon, any item blessed by an ordained Christian priest (e.g. holy water) is dangerous to him. Any wounds from or sustained contact with a blessed item will leave, at best, third-degree burns that sap at his energy and are cripplingly slow to heal.

Mental: Baraq has a moderate understanding of world languages, new and old, and has a quick eye when it comes to evaluating a situation (particularly the best way to cut and run from it if the going gets too tough). He's fairly intelligent, if only because he's had two thousand years to get rid of the stupid. His real weakness is in assuming that if he just keeps his head down and keeps moving, all the problems will work out on their own. He's almost lost the ability to think of humans as people, rather than successes or failures to be tallied up in his reports. He's started to regrow that very recently, but only by teeny steps.

Emotional: As a fallen angel, Baraq's biggest hang-up has always been the apparent unfairness of Heaven. In his darker moments, he's equated his feelings about God to an abusive relationship that he'd feel a lot better about if he could just decide not to care anymore. Try and talk to him about grand plans and the bigger picture, and he'll black your eye. As mentioned in Personality, he has difficulty with intense feelings, so deep sorrow or anger and so on can stop him in his tracks entirely. He cannot even imagine having a romantic relationship with a human, given the fiasco with the watchers. He has developed friendships in the past, but treats all of them as transient and keeps his distance since chances are he'll outlive those friends anyway.
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Original Character - Baraq (4)

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Sample One (Introspective):

(This is taken the morning after the conclusion in History. It's more or less the plot of my unfinished NaNoWriMo project. The essential details are: Ediel and Orias are an angel and demon that got into a massive amount of trouble and went to great pains to cover it up. Eisheth's imprisonment and the thing with the dead boy were part of it. Baraq uncovers it and comes up with a cover story for them to paint him as a scapegoat. Right now, he's waiting in his flat for the punishment to fall.)

The sunrise would come soon, and scorch the dew into mist. Barnaby was certain it was going to be his last, and he leaned out the window to enjoy it.

Now that it was coming, he was surprised to find he was, mostly, okay with it. He had always known that he was doomed, of course. One way or another, he would have lived to see the end of the world which only had two outcomes for him: One, Heaven would win and he would have been struck down in battle. It would be a fast but unbelievably painful end. Or two, Hell would win, and he would be trapped in there forever. Really, it was a mercy.

He had tided the flat, turned off the electronics, left his papers and belongings in neat piles and stacks, even watered the plants. He left the climbing vine on the fire escape alone; it had been there before he had moved in, and would be there after flames and quakes and aerial attacks and acts of G-- yes, well. The boy had gone on to whatever judgment awaited him, the satyr had been paid, the succubus had vanished into thin air, but he had a feeling she could take care of herself. There was a vague pang when he thought about Sere, but Baraq wasn't so deluded that he thought he'd be missed by that creature. Everything was in order.

Ediel and Orias would be reporting to their superiors, right about now. If they had any self-preservation at all, they would keep to the story he had come up with. I wonder which side will come collect me first, he thought, resting his forehead on the windowpane. Heaven might be counted on to make it quick, but there really wasn't any torture Hell could put him through that he hadn't been dragged through already.

With hands that barely shook at all, he drew the curtains and went to the kitchen counter. A passport to one Barnaby F. Keele, aged 29, with the nationality and place of birth curiously smudged out, sat there. The photograph made him look chalk-pale and about ten years older than he professed to be.

There was a humming buzz in the air, prickling the fine hairs on the nape of his neck. Baraq straightened the lapels of his coat, adjusted the knot of his scarf, and ripped out the photo page of the passport. As he folded the little rectangle with quick, efficient movements, the humming grew louder and louder until he could barely think. A scorching smell was filling the air of the little apartment, like heated metal.

Baraq turned to the fire escape door, as if he had practiced all his life for this moment. A light was growing somewhere behind him that could have been the pale glow of a halo or the flickering tendrils of a fire, but the little paper key was already sinking into the lock, revealing the other world behind it.

In a tinkling of distant bells, he was gone.

Sample Two (Interactive):

He stood in the bathroom of the house Nenya had shown him to. His arms were folded, and he was staring at his reflection with the same of expression one might use on a particularly recalcitrant blemish on a dirty plate. The tattered remains of the coat and shirt he had entered Lufthild with were draped over the sink.

Will and force. Right. That should be easy. If he was dreaming, this should be even more of a piece of cake. If he ever wanted to be able to wear any article of clothing above the waist in this world (or dream), he was going to have to master this. Easy.

Baraq glared at his reflection, and, for the dozenth time that morning, concentrated.

Then he toppled backwards as his body decided that it didn't need to compensate for two large structures of bone and muscle hanging off his back anymore.

With a clonk, Baraq's head connected painfully with the bottom of the bathtub.

"Ow," he said to the ceiling. The ceiling had nothing of note to say in response.
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Re: Accepted!

[personal profile] misterbkeele 2010-03-21 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)

Sounds good to me. He's very much not a combat-based character, so he'd be slow to pick that up either way.